After your fun day surrounded by mountains, or your long day of travel, what a relief it is to arrive to your Whistler home with your kitchen already nicely stocked with the items you’ve ordered.
  • Your order items are carefully put into the residence refrigerator and
    in the kitchen. They are curated for your convenient selection and
    ready use.
  • Shoes are removed at entrance door. Or, shoe covers will be used.
  • Delivery boxes are never set on furniture, kitchen island or
    countertops. Delivery boxes are only set on floors.
  • Order items are never set on floors.
  • Our professional shoppers and delivery personnel have FoodSafe
    Level 1 certification. They frequently disinfect their hands.
  • Advise us who your Property Manager is, for our access
  • Your order Curated In Home is an additional $30